We meet your family exactly
where you are in this moment.

Whether you come and go as needed or you stay with us for longer, we can help you through any transitions or growing pains that emerge. 

Wherever you find yourself today, we help you by identifying precisely what you and your family’s unique concerns are, how those concerns came to be, and what needs to change in order for you to find the balance and satisfaction you are seeking. 

therapy designed for families

Our goal is to create a homebase that serves families throughout the lifespan. 

Parenting Support

Our work with parents and families is rooted in attachment theory and responsive parenting principles. No matter where you are on your parenting journey we help families use their unique personalities, strengths, and vulnerabilities to become healthier, calmer, and more aligned with one another.


Child/Adolescent & Family Therapy

Sometimes parents and families need a greater level of support. Perhaps you are getting feedback from your child’s school or pediatrician, or maybe your gut is telling you that something doesn’t feel right and your child needs a clinical approach. 


Adult Individual Therapy

Perhaps you yourself are struggling with feelings of anxiety, depression, or feel less connected to your life than you would like to be. We offer clinical support that is informed by best psychological practices, effective treatment protocols, and authentic emotional attunement.





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Dr. Emily Upshur

Dr. Sarah Bren

MEET THE founders

We are clinical psychologists and we are moms. We built this practice out of a recognition that parents were having trouble finding a centralized resource for helping their kids at multiple stages of life. 

Our backgrounds seamlessly allow us to provide that—from perinatal training, to parenting training, to child and adolescent therapy, we are highly specialized in treating the entire family system across a child’s developmental timeline, from before a child is even born to after they have started off on their own. 

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