Does your child have a lot of worries or anxiety? Enrollment for the winter SPACE parenting group is now open

Does your child have a lot of worries or anxiety? Enrollment for the winter SPACE parenting
group is now open

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We will help you to build relationships that are rooted in trust, connection, and cooperation.

We will help you to feel confident in your role as the calm, steady, tuned-in leader of your child. To be able to trust your own instincts and those of your child. To slow down and really listen and really see who your child is and what they need from you to become the authentic, confident, independent, and kind person they want to be. 

Parenting Support and Coaching for parents who are looking for a way towards deeper connection and less frustration, doubt, and stress. 

By first focusing on the parent’s mindset.

We work with parents across all stages of the parenting journey to find ways to help their children to be more cooperative, confident, and kind...

In better understanding your doubts, your values, your fears, your wishes, and how you were parented, it becomes easier to see the roadblocks that are taking place with your child.

We can then help you to find a path through the chaos and frustration to a deep, mutual sense of connection with your child. We will help you find your authentic parenting style and voice that will guide you in calmly and confidently responding to your children no matter what parenting challenge gets thrown at you. 

Parent-Focused Support & Coaching

Just as every family is different, so too will be the ways in which your needs are best supported. 

For parents who are just starting out on their parenting journey...

And want to set the foundation for a healthy and collaborative relationship with their child, we help them to identify their parenting values and use their authentic voice as a parent.

We help them to be on the same page with their partners in parenting, to feel confident in their ability to navigate common parenting challenges, and to identify and let go of remnants of their own childhood experiences of being parented that may not have worked for them.


For parents who have hit a roadblock with their child...

Something isn’t working, or maybe it hasn’t been working for a while. Whether it is a behavioral issue, a relationship issue, or maybe it’s not really clear what is wrong but in your gut you feel like something is not feeling good to you and you need reassurance, support, and guidance.

We work with families who struggle with communication, who struggle with effective discipline and limit setting—whether that means you feel like you are making too many rules and no one’s listening or you’re reluctant to set the rules and need help asserting your authority with confidence. 




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Postpartum & new parenthood:

Processing and coping with pregnancy and postpartum emotions 

Finding your footing as a new parent

Discovering your authentic parenting style and voice

Navigating a return to work

Navigating family relationships:

Effective communication within the family

Supporting sibling relationships

Processing transitions within the family (new siblings, divorce, trauma)


Discipline & communication:

Understanding appropriate developmental expectations 

Effective discipline and limit setting

Responding to tantrums and meltdowns

Supporting your child to develop their own interests and curiosities and to play more independently

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