Supportive Parenting for Anxious Childhood Emotions 

A 4-week group for parents of children and teens who struggle with clinical anxiety and OCD disorders.

This group will give you the tools, skills, and confidence you need to help your child learn to cope with their anxiety symptoms.

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Supporting Children's Big Feelings and Behaviors

A virtual 8-week program is for parents of 2-7 year olds who want help supporting their kid's big feelings and behaviors because despite their best efforts, what they’re trying isn’t working.

The goal of the group is to help parents develop a new set of strategies to 1) better understand what’s going on for their kids in these tricky moments, 2) have the right tools in their toolbox to support them effectively, and 3) know which tools to use when.

Strategy and Support Group for Parents Amidst the Transition of Divorce or Separation

A 3-week group focusing on common difficulties parents often face at the start of, throughout and beyond, a divorce or separation.

Each session will focus on a unique challenge of parenting in the context of a significant transition for the family. Building upon a framework of child development, actionable steps and guidance will be provided in a supportive and warm environment, participants will obtain concrete strategies to implement as well as support and encouragement. 

Parenting Adolescents in Crisis Support Group

Through this facilitated support group for parents of teens who are currently in treatment for a severe mental health crisis, we aim to connect parents of adolescents who are experiencing similar challenges and offer a safe space to for parents to support and process these experiences together. 

LBGTQ+ Support Group For Young Adults

A virtual support group for young adults who are part of the queer community.

This non-judgmental space for processing and connecting is the perfect place to share your own experience, listen to other's stories, or discuss any and all things sexuality and gender identity.  

Current Groups Open for Enrollment: