Think of us as a homebase that serves your family throughout the lifespan.

 Whether you come and go as needed or you stay with us for longer, we can help you through any transition or growing pains that emerge. 

We work with you wherever you are on your parenting journey:

Wherever you find yourself today, we help you by identifying precisely what you and your family’s unique concerns are, how those concerns came to be, and what needs to change in order for you to find the balance and satisfaction you are seeking. 

We use a flexible customized treatment approach to best meet your needs. We are uniquely skilled at looking at the entire scope of your worries or concerns and putting all the pieces together to create a comprehensive and targeted plan for not just overcoming any struggles at hand, but to grow and thrive.  

from preparing to become parents,

throughout pregnancy and into the postpartum period,

all the way through teen years and beyond.

You are the expert on your child, on your family, on your values, on your goals.

We are here to guide you with information that is based on psychology, research, neurobiology, and human development, and help you apply that information to your parenting goals for your unique family in a way that feels authentic to you and effective for your child.

Whether you are an expecting parent, a brand new parent, or a seasoned parent, we believe you have the capacity to parent effectively and authentically. Our job is to help you filter out the noise, let go of judgement, and truly trust your parenting skills.

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Our backgrounds seamlessly allow us to provide that — from perinatal training, to parenting training, to child and adolescent therapy, we are highly specialized in treating the entire family system across a child’s developmental timeline, from before a child is even born to after they have started off on their own.

We built this practice out of a recognition that parents were having trouble finding a centralized resource for helping their kids at multiple stages of life. 

meet the team

Dr. Emily Upshur, PhD

Dr. Upshur has a Master's degree in developmental psychology from Tufts University, and a doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the Graduate School and University Center at the City University of New York. Dr. Upshur completed her psychology training at Mount Sinai Beth Israel Medical Center and pursued advanced training in trauma-focused care as a post-doctoral fellow at the Center for Trauma and Resilience.

For several years, Dr. Upshur served as an Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at the Icahn School of Medicine, Outpatient Psychiatry Multi-Cultural Coordinator and Supervising Psychologist, and Clinical Director of the Center for Trauma and Resilience at Mount Sinai Beth Israel. Dr. Upshur presently serves as a consultant and supervising psychologist at The Motherhood Center.

Dr. Upshur believes strongly in the resiliency of all individuals. With the right tools and support she believes that you can not only overcome challenges, but ultimately grow and thrive. Dr. Upshur believes that the most effective way to achieve positive results is to take a very individualized approach to assessing and creating effective, customized plans to meet your unique needs. Dr. Upshur is committed to destigmatizing therapeutic services and normalizing the need for outside support throughout all of the different stages of life. 

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Dr. Bren received her doctorate in clinical psychology from the Brooklyn Campus of Long Island University. She completed her psychology training and postdoctoral fellowship at Mount Sinai Beth Israel Medical Center, obtaining advanced training in psychotherapy and neuropsychological assessment.

Dr. Bren previously served as an Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at The Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai Hospital and as a Supervising Psychologist at Mount Sinai Beth Israel Medical Center, providing clinical supervision to psychiatry residents, psychology interns, and psychology externs and oversaw the DBT (Dialectical Behavioral Therapy) program. She has over a decade of experience working in diverse clinical settings, including hospital inpatient and outpatient clinics, college counselling programs, mental health startups, and private practice.

Dr. Bren believes that in supporting parents to help their children feel safe, secure, understood, and validated, families are better able to support healthy childhood development that leads to lifelong emotional wellbeing and the capacity to build meaningful relationships throughout life. These practices also help to reduce the stress, pressure, doubt, and martyrdom that is so often experienced in today’s mainstream parenting approaches, which by extension helps to reduce psychological distress in parents as well, resulting in families that are healthier, calmer, and more aligned with one another. 

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Dr. Sarah Bren, PhD

Rebecca Halperin earned a Master of Teaching from Fordham University and a Master of Social Work from New York University. Rebecca went on to receive a Certificate in Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy from the Psychoanalytic Training Institute of the New York Counseling and Guidance Service and a Certificate in Advanced Diagnosis and Assessment from New York University. She has additional training in holistic approaches to trauma, suicide prevention and and grief work.

Rebecca served as the Director for Counseling Services at the College of Mount Saint Vincent. In addition to performing clinical work, Rebecca has serviced as a field placement instructor and supervisor for over six years for the Silver School of Social Work at NYU, Iona College, Manhattan College and John Jay College. She has her certification in Field Instruction from NYU and sits on the Board of Consultors for the School of Education and Health of Manhattan College.

Informed by attachment theory, psychodynamic practices and somatic approaches to understanding behaviors and feeling states, Rebecca's work with clients focuses on discovering connections between the conscious and unconscious, the past and the present, patterns and inconsistencies, as well as what can be learned - and unlearned - from the body. Rebecca specializes in working with adults, children and families who have experienced loss and/or trauma, especially medical and health related trauma. Other areas of focus include parenting and parent/child relationships. Rebecca's work honors the unique circumstances each person brings while also utilizing methods that have proven to promote growth and reduce emotional distress. 

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Rebecca Halperin, LCSW

Dr. Stein received her doctorate in clinical psychology, as well as a Master’s degree in school psychology, from Pace University. Dr. Stein completed her psychology training at Jacobi Medical Center, and she has received specialized training in child and adolescent psychotherapy and psychological assessments.

Dr. Stein has experience working in a wide range of settings, including in schools, hospital inpatient and outpatient clinics, and psychiatric emergency rooms. Most recently, Dr. Stein served as a psychologist in the psychiatric emergency room and outpatient behavioral clinic at Elmhurst Hospital, where she also provided supervision to clinical interns and psychiatry residents.

Dr. Stein believes that secure and trusting relationships are the foundations of resilience and emotional well-being. Dr. Stein believes in working collaboratively with patients to establish a safe and supportive therapeutic relationship that can help them develop coping skills and discover their internal strengths. When working with children and adolescents, Dr. Stein works to support a strong parent-child relationship, which leads to increased emotional well-being, promotes self-esteem for both parent and child, and provides the patient with skills to apply to other relationships in life. 

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Dr. Arielle Stein, PsyD

Kate earned a Master’s degree in Social Work with a focus on clinical practice, as well as a certificate in Marriage and Family Therapy, from The University of Georgia in Athens, Georgia. She also participated in an advanced training fellowship at Cathedral Counseling in Chicago in order to further her skills and education in psychodynamic therapy and practice. She is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in both New York and Illinois. Kate is also trained in Trauma Focused-Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. 

Prior to her work with Upshur Bren, Kate has served as both an outpatient and crisis therapist for children, teenagers, and adults in the community mental health setting. She has also worked as a therapist in privately owned non-profits and in private practice, in addition to working as a student supervisor and program coordinator for a state-run program in Illinois addressing teen crisis.

Kate’s practice is rooted in her deep belief that all people, adults and children alike, are capable and worthy of positive change, self-acceptance, and a sense of belonging. The all-important role of healthy, supportive relationships in our lives will be a focus of Kate’s work and will help inform a path forward toward healing and a stronger sense of balance. She will work alongside clients to build a deepened understanding of patterns, how history informs the present day, and ways in which we can communicate most effectively to our children and ourselves. 

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Kate Gallagher, LCSW

Donna earned her undergraduate degree in Psychology and her Master’s degree in Social Work from New York University, initially counseling children experiencing sexual abuse and individuals suffering with AIDS in NYC. She continued her education at University of California, Irvine, where she received a certification in Independent Educational Consulting. She earned her Executive Functioning certification at the Landmark College in Putney, Vermont, and most recently she completed her certification as a Life Coach at the Jay Shetty School. Her early work experience as a preschool teacher at York Avenue Preschool in NYC and at the Purchase Children’s Center School in Purchase, NY add to her diverse background.

Donna’s science-based education and work experience, her personal journey, and the meaningful lessons and strategies she has developed over the last 20 years enable her to help her clients become independent and feel confident in their daily lives. She starts from the premise that we are all whole, capable human beings and the obstacles, challenges, and successes we face are a common road we all travel and experience in different ways. Through a supportive and collaborative partnership, Donna will assess what areas of executive functioning skills that are in need of support, work to identify the underlying reasons for the challenges being identified, and create a step by step game plan for how to increase functioning in the identified areas. 

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Donna Jarecki, MSW

Dr. Milone received her doctorate in Clinical Psychology from Antioch University New England in Keene, New Hampshire. She completed her psychology training at MercyFirst, a not-for-profit human and social service agency, with adolescents in residential foster care. Dr. Milone specializes in the assessment and treatment of trauma and other stressor-related disorders in children and adolescents.

Dr. Milone has a deep and long commitment to working with the most challenged and challenging youth and their families. She has experience working in a wide range of settings, including short-term psychiatric hospitals, long-term psychiatric hospitals, and residential treatment centers. Dr. Milone has conducted individual, group, and family therapy with individuals of different religious, socioeconomic, and cultural backgrounds using various treatment modalities informed by psychodynamic (e.g., attachment theory), systems, and cognitive-behavioral approaches. Her training has also included experiences with the Attachment, self-Regulation, and Competency (ARC) framework, trauma-focused cognitive-behavioral therapy (TF-CBT), and the Sanctuary model.

Dr. Milone believes there is healing in relationship and power in vulnerability. She hopes to work with her clients to create safe, healthy, and authentic relationships; to develop effective and adaptive strategies to manage physiological, cognitive, behavioral, and emotional experience; and to build internal and external resources that promote positive functioning. She welcomes clients who are dealing with challenges related to trauma, loss, depression, anxiety, interpersonal difficulties, adjustment-related concerns, and family dynamics.

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Lisa Milone, PSYD

We equip parents with the tools to truly understand the building blocks of child development and how secure relationships form and thrive.

With this knowledge, parents are able to develop their own personal parenting frameworks so they can respond confidently and effectively to any challenge that comes along, resulting in families that are healthier, calmer, and more connected with one another. 

If you have ever...

Questioned if you were ready to have children...

Worried if you were the right parent for your child...

Felt like your worth as a parent was determined by how “well behaved” your child is...

Felt like your child’s emotions confuse and overwhelm you...

Felt like your frustrations with your child were driving a wedge into your relationship with them...

Thought that it's hard to see your child struggling with anxiety, moodiness, difficulties with peers and not knowing what to do to help them...

You are not alone.

These feeling are all too common among parents, but we can help you to change them.