Does your child have a lot of worries or anxiety? Enrollment for the winter SPACE parenting group is now open

Does your child have a lot of worries or anxiety? Enrollment for the winter SPACE parenting
group is now open

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After working together with one of our highly-trained therapists, you can look forward to an entirely new family dynamic. 

It is possible to create healthier, calmer, and more aligned experiences within your family.

We can help with that.

Our Services Include:

Individual Therapy


*NY State or other licensed jurisdictions


*National Offering

Child and Adolescent Individual Therapy

Family Therapy

Perinatal & Postpartum Support

Parent-Infant Dyadic Support

(Supportive Parenting for Anxious Childhood)

SPACE (Supportive Parenting for Anxious Childhood)

Therapy for young Adults & College Students

Therapy for young Adults
& College Students

Executive Function Coaching

*National Offering

Sometimes parents and families need a greater level of support. Perhaps you are getting feedback from your child’s school or pediatrician, or maybe your gut is telling you that something doesn’t feel right and your child needs a clinical approach.

Perhaps you yourself are struggling with feelings of anxiety, depression, or feel less connected to your life than you would like to be. We offer clinical support that is informed by best psychological practices, effective treatment protocols, and authentic emotional attunement.

Whether it is child & family therapy, postpartum support, individual therapy, or some combination of these approaches, we will work with you to determine the most appropriate level of care for whatever you may be facing.

Clinical Services


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Our work with parents and families is rooted in attachment theory and responsive parenting principles. No matter where you are on your parenting journey we help families use their unique personalities, strengths, and vulnerabilities to become healthier, calmer, and more aligned with one another.

Ultimately, we believe that if we can help parents to help their children feel safe, secure, understood, and validated, we can support healthy childhood development that leads to emotional wellbeing and the capacity to build meaningful relationships.

These same efforts also help to reduce the stress, pressure, doubt, and martyrdom that is so often experienced in today’s mainstream parenting approaches. In addressing these, we can ease the psychological distress in parents as well, resulting in families that are in greater harmony.

Coaching Services


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Our work is dedicated to helping you wherever you are on your parenting journey — from preparing to become a parent, throughout pregnancy and into the postpartum period, all the way through teen years and beyond.

We help parents and families truly understand what is happening inside their child’s minds and bodies that may be leading to challenging behaviors, painful emotions, or conflict in relationships. We also help parents who need support for themselves, who may be experiencing difficulty with the upheaval that occurs during the transition to parenthood, or the long and bumpy road as our children’s needs increase and our own needs for support evolve. 

No matter where you are on your parenting journey, we provide the tools to understand the building blocks of child psychology and development so that you can:

Stop googling and comparing.

Develop your own personal parenting framework that takes into account the unique needs of you and your child. 

Confidently and effectively respond to any challenge that comes along. 

No longer blame or doubt yourself.

Just as every family is different, so too will be the ways in which your needs are best supported. 

Inquire with us and we can guide you to a custom plan of support that is unique to your situation or your family.

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