For children who are struggling with mental health concerns, including anxiety, depression, social/peer challenges, significant behavioral or emotional dysregulation, or trauma, we approach treatment from a relational and strengths based perspective.

Our goal is to help a child to be able to see themselves as separate from their symptoms and effectively use coping skills and problem solving skills.

Your child will be more able to engage in their lives with confidence, self esteem, and emotional regulation. They are better able to participate in family life, build close relationships with others, and be more flexible and better able to handle the challenges life throws at them. 

Child & Adolescent Individual Therapy

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We offer an approach to family therapy that acknowledges the entire family system as a whole being — one that must be supported in its entirety in order to treat whatever symptoms are being expressed.

We help families come together to understand the root causes as well as the environmental obstacles that are at play, to reconnect, reestablish trust and safety, and to find ways to support one another through whatever challenges they may be facing.

Through this process, families are able to create a healing environment that supports mental wellbeing and family harmony. 

Family Therapy

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For new parents who are struggling to keep their head above water, are feeling overwhelmed by the need to do everything perfectly, or are feeling confused with where to begin—you’re not alone. Perhaps you are feeling sadness, guilt, shame, fear, or isolation in new parenthood.

Any one of these experiences can make it challenging to connect or bond with your child, and can be very upsetting and unsettling as you are finding your footing as a new parent. Whether you are experiencing a Perinatal Mood and Anxiety Disorder (PMAD) or are just struggling to feel like yourself or feel connected with a new child, we will work with you to understand the complex changes that are happening.

Together, we lift the veil of secrecy around the very real and very common emotional hurdles that accompany such a profound life transition, give you a safe place to work through your thoughts and feelings, and to develop a new relationship with yourself as a parent and with your new child.    

Perinatal & Postpartum Support

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If you are one of the many parents who find that they are not feeling that immediate spark of connection with their baby, you are not alone.

The parent-child relationship is a relationship and it can take time to evolve and feel familiar. In parent-infant dyadic therapy, you and your child are in sessions together, with the focus on helping you and your baby to connect in a new way; for you to learn how to observe your child and yourself without preconceived notions, expectations, or judgements.

We help you to quiet the noise and find ways to enhance the sense of attunement, connection, and trust that are the building blocks of secure attachment. 

Parent-Infant Dyadic Sessions 

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Are you struggling with low mood, anxiety, difficulty managing stress? Are you struggling to get through your days? Are you finding that your relationships are feeling strained? Are you feeling unseen, unheard, misunderstood? Are you finding yourself falling into patterns that you recognize from your childhood that you would like to change?

Many of the patients we work with in individual therapy are struggling with some combination of these symptoms or stressors. In individual therapy, our goal is to help you to process complex or traumatic childhood relationships, to identify the ways these experiences shaped how you connect with the people in your life now, and to find ways to shift what is not currently serving you.

We will help you to develop a new sense of safety and security through which to build an authentic and confident sense of yourself, of your values, and of the kind of secure and trusting relationships you desire. 

Individual Therapy

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All families have moments of struggle. For families who are struggling with mental health concerns, including, anxiety, depression, social/peer challenges, significant behavioral or emotional dysregulation, trauma, or perinatal mood and anxiety disorders (PMAD), we offer clinical support that is informed by best psychological practices, effective treatment protocols, and a roadmap for how to carry this forward on your own. We are here for you.

Clinical therapy for those who need deeper guidance in order to reach whole family wellness.

No matter what your particular challenges may be, our goal is always to equip you with effective tools and strategies to cope and to heal.

Whether you are seeking child & family therapy, postpartum support, individual therapy, or some combination of these approaches, we will work with you to determine the most appropriate level of care for whatever you may be facing.

We aim to help everyone (children and grownups) feel seen, heard, and held. 

Our Process

When families or individuals work with us, we always begin with an exploration of the specific concerns that are motivating you to seek support right now & find ways to create interventions that are custom tailored to your needs.

Comprehensive exploration of what is not working and how this fits into a larger family dynamic


We will identify your strengths to bolster the areas that need more support. You are truly the expert on your child, so our role is to offer support, guidance, and sound psychological information that will help us to create a specific game plan that works for your family.

Collaborative problem solving


It is our goal that you will never feel alone in this process, and this is a process. We will try things that will work and things that won't. Emotions will emerge that may take you by surprise. We are here to help you to work through the ups, downs, and in-betweens along the way. 

Attuned support and guidance


Our ultimate goal is for you and your family to feel as though you have grown more connected and more equipped to weather any storm. When parents have an authentic and integrated sense of themselves as calmly and confidently in charge, their children (no matter what age) sense that too and are able to relax in the knowledge that their parents have their backs. We will work with you to integrate this sense of calm and confidence and to build a versatile tool box that you can call upon over and over in the future as your family’s needs evolve. 



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